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Gardener's Orchard is Located in Brighton, MO. Gardener's Orchard is the ultimate You-Pick family fun farm with apples, peaches, berries, tomatoes, bakery, and family fun farm-experience park. The orchard is inclusive on 20 acres of a 65 acre family farm. The 5,000 tree orchard has 13 apple varieties,15 Peach varieties, 4 varieties of blueberries, Natchez blackberries, and tomatoes.
The the first trees in the orchard were first planted by Cliff Plaster in the early 1980's. Mr. Plaster ran the orchard until 2012 when the Gradinariu family took it over. You can find out more about the Gradinariu Family on the About Us page.  
You pick your own fruit is available in July for peaches and in September for apples. Orchard tours and hay rides are available for groups of 10 or more during apple season if scheduled ahead of time. 
Apple Varieties:
Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, Sun Crisp, Fugi, Grimes Golden, Granny Smith, Early Blaze, Braeburn, Arkansas Black, Rome, Jonathan, Cameo
Peach Varieties:
Redhaven, Cresthaven, Julyprince, Rubyprince, Harvester, Blazeprince, Loring, Contender, Augustprince, O'Henry, Sweet Sue, Big Red, Autumnprince, China Pearl, Gala