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Apple Cider

Gardener's Orchard & Bakery's apple cider is a local favorite. Every year when apple season comes around, loyal fans can hardly wait until the first press of apple cider is processed. But this wasn't always the case. Before the Gradinariu family took over the orchard, cider had not been pressed in almost 10 years. The first request customers had after the orchard was taken over, was to bring the cider back, and the Gradinariu family fulfilled that request. The reason for all this excitement every year is because the cider is made with farm fresh apples picked from the orchard and its bottled without any added sugars, preservatives, or water.

The cider is 100% apple juice that is pressed from a variety of apples to give the cider full flavor. Cider is usually pressed weekly and can be found in Gardener's Orchard & Bakery home store, Gardener's Farm Stands, at local farmers markets, Price Cutter, Hy-Vee and various fall events throughout Southwest Missouri.

Gardener's Apple Cider is All Natural Fresh 100% Apple Cider with no added sugar, water, or preservatives.

As close to raw cider as you can get. We use UV treatment technology to make it safe for everyone to drink and it can last up to 5 weeks refrigerated.

Cider is pressed weekly with a variety of fresh apples.



1720 W Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65807


All apple cider has to be refrigerated to maintain freshness and taste.