YOU-PICK peaches started July 9!!!!

YOU-PICK peaches started July 9!!!!

Its the greatest surprise we have had all summer!

We officially have you-pick peaches available starting July 9, starting at 9AM. 

We have about 1 acres worth of peaches and nectarines to pick. We have white and yellow peaches, and nectarines. We will be open for you pick until we are completely picked out. If it takes 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week is all up to you!

Prices will be $1.75/lb. We will provide bags. Please use sunscreen and make sure you stay hydrated!

We look forward to seeing you HERE!

Check out video we made with the big announcement!


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  • I recently moved to Ava, Mo from Mississippi. I literally just found your website and want to know do you still have peaches? Do you sell any of your crops that YOU pick? I am disabled and would need someone to help me. Thanks!!

    Stacey Bates

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