You-Pick Gala Apples and Vegetable Garden Starts NOW!

You-Pick Gala Apples and Vegetable Garden Starts August 16, 2019.

So early on in the season we decided to plant about 1800 vegetable plants and do a you-pick vegetable garden. The feedback was amazing so we have been really excited to finally open it for pick your own. The day is tomorrow, August 16, 2019. Unfortunately only about 1/2 of what we planted is good to be picked, the rest of it got taken over by weeds.

Gala apples are one of the first apples ready here at Gardener's. They are also ready to pick. We got hit with hail damage early on in the season so the fruit has indention's and spotting but the fruit is VERY tasty and good.

Otherwise, we have been staying very busy here on the farm. Weed control and mowing grass has been taking up sooo much time, but Farmer Dre and Farmer Ady are taking care of it. We also started putting up a new high tunnel.

The bakery has been busier and busier so we can't thank all of our patrons enough.


We put together a Farm Update Video. Check it out below:


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  • What products do you use for weed killer around your apple trees, and what products do you spray on the actual Apple Thank you for your reply.
    Hinojosa Patricia

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