We installed Radiant Heating in our Hightunnel

We installed Radiant Heating in our High tunnel

It's interesting how one project leads to another. The new wood stove for the high tunnel go so hot during testing that the guys had the idea drill the secondary stove tank and run pipe through it to heat water. So the plan is that water would be pumped and re-circulated through piping underneath the soil in the high tunnel and pushed through the hot stove to heat it up. Sounds simple, but we had to put our thinking caps and gloves on. 

Like with any "brilliant" idea we have here on the farm we don't think to much about it and we just start working. I ran into town to pick up 3/4 inch PVC pex while the guys started digging trenches inside the tunnel. 

We put together a video of the process! 

Check it out below!


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