The Last Farm Update?

The Last Farm Update for 2018.

So here we are at the end of 2018. Its been a year full of excitement, challenges, blessings, and change. 

We started off the year strong with HUGE plans to make Gardener's Orchard a place where people can come by to pick their own fruit and vegetables, enjoy freshly baked goods, tour our farm, and drink the BEST apple cider in the Ozarks. 

To a certain extent we were able to achieve and reach our goals. But we really fell short in areas that we had no control over.

2018 has been the worst fruit production year for the farm since my family took it over in 2013. The weather and mother nature really had its way with us this year. We had to cut our you pick season short by 8 weeks due to disease and drought that hit the orchard, and our peach crop was mostly lost due to late spring frost.

But on the other hand, our bakery was able to fill the void of uncertainty and loss. 2018 has been the best year for Gardener's Bakery since we sold the first danish in 2016. We finally learned that the bakers of the world, just like farmers, work extremely long hours. Our baker Aurora has been up hundreds of hours working late nights to have orders ready for delivery and farmers markets. The support our bakery has received has been beyond what we were expecting and we are extremely grateful for that.

Farmer Dre had a few tricks up his sleeve we really didn't know about. So he decided to plant tomatoes and boy did he produce. Although he claims that he can do better in 2019 he was still able to produce around 4500lbs of tomatoes from his 1st high tunnel. He has a greenhouse and another high tunnel going in now so we will see how he does.

We do have some exciting news for 2019. We are planning to finally release our first items from Gardener's Kernel, which is a gourmet popcorn product. We are also hoping to have Gardener's Orchard Apple Cider Vinegar available by Fall 2019. We will be posting videos with updates on Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV.

We hope you have Happy New Year!

Check out the video update below:


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