The First Apple Cider of the Season is Here!

Apple Cider is Now available in our Farm Store, and at Farmer's Markets!

Finally, we were able to press our first apple cider. In the past we have been able to press apple cider around the first week of September. As we mentioned in last week's farm update, our apple crop took a hit from the weather and we lost more than 50 percent of our apples. SO, that has put us in the position to have to supplement apples from other Missouri orchards to be able to make our cider. 

Gardener's Apple Cider is going to be produced until we run out of apples, so hopefully we have apples until the end of the year. For the first time, Gardener's Apple Cider is actually pasteurized.The pasteurization system that we use is not like what most of you have heard of or experienced. We are using a UV cold pasteurizer that allows the cider flavor to remain unchanged, while fulfilling all of the FDA requirements. One of our major concerns when we decided to pasteurize our cider to to guarantee that we don't lose the cider flavor that we have ALL been used. The technology we use has been approved by the FDA less than 20 years ago and has been developed specifically to allow juices to keep the same raw taste, while making it safe for everyone to drink.

One of the reasons we decided to start pasteurizing our cider is to be able to bring the cider closer to you. Due to health code and FDA regulation, we have not been able to sell Gardener's Apple cider through out the state of Missouri or elsewhere and only in approved markets near to our production facility. Now, we will be able to hopefully have our apple cider present everywhere Gardener's Orchard does business. We are planning to soon be in a local grocery store, convenience store, or market near you!

In this weeks farm update we also talk to Val about the future berry patch here at Gardener's Orchard, and we show you how our cider is made.


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