Is a Saw Dust wood stove the best stove for our Greenhouse?

Make sure you check out both videos below!

Ever since we finished building the new greenhouse, the biggest challenge has been to keep it warm. We had purchased a used pellet stove but it just wasn't heating enough. Because the greenhouse is not insulated, the pellet wood stove would only raise the temperature about 10-12 degrees which just wasn't enough.

My father has been talking about a saw dust wood stove that he used to use back in Romania where he grew up. At first we thought that it was just an outdated burning system. To our surprise, our research showed that it would probably be the best option for a few reasons:

1. A saw dust would stove should burn up to 24 hours with a single load

2. Saw dust is cheap and usually free if you pick it up.

3. A saw dust wood stove doesn't require electricity to burn. The greenhouse can stay warm even if we lose electricity.

4. A saw dust would stove should sustain minimum of 20-30 degrees higher than outside temperature for at least 12 hours enough to get through the night.

5. Stove can be built with used air compressor tanks and minimum investment.

So based on the reasons listed above, we decided to build one and put it to the test.

Check out the video below to see what it looks like, and how it burns. ENJOY!


So the answer to the big question: Does the saw dust wood stove work? The answer is YES!

A few days after trying the saw dust wood stove for the first time we made an update video. 

See the video below for answers on how long does it burn? how much does it heat? Are we going to keep the stove?



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  • I was wondering if the sawdust created more wood-tar creosote in the chimney pipe because of the fresh sawdust. Have you seen any extra buildup along with extra soot?

    Sandra Hammond

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