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First Summer Apple is Ready.

We have all been waiting for the first apples of the season. For us, the first apples are an indicator that the summer is almost over. Its really a bitter-sweet feeling knowing that peaches are on their way out which makes us sad, but excited for the fresh apple cider that is soon to follow about 1 month into apple season.

Now to the Farm update for the week of 8-13-2018. Farmers market schedule has not changed since last week. This week we are also offering 3/4 bushel of peaches for the first time this season. Gala apples are READY. We are opening you pick for Gala apples Wednesday through Saturday of this week. Please come see us at the Farmer's Markets or right here on the farm.

Check out this video to see full farm update with Farmer Dre and Radu.



  • I want some apples that are tart to make apple butter like Jonareds. About when will your apples be ready?

    Dana Cross
  • Hi! I’m looking for an apple orchard to take about 5-6 kids on a field trip to on Friday. Is yours available? If so, what are times and cost?


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