Farm Update 12-20-2018

Sometimes we walk through the orchard and wonder which trees will make it through to the next season. 1 year ago we remember talking about which trees to pull out to make room for the new parking area, the new pavilion area going in and we decided to hold off till this winter. We were hoping that all the older trees will still produce fruit until the younger ones grow. Little did we know that the summer will come through and kill over 300 trees. Were we surprised? Yes! Are we upset? Well, not really because at least we know what we can pull out or not.

OK, so where am I going with this? We were filming a farm update today with Farmer Dre, and Adrian (our brother behind the camera) and I made the comment that it looks like the trees are dead. Farmer Dre helped me out by saying the trees aren't necessarily dead, but dormant. So our trees are literally asleep. I'm not the production specialist by any means (Farmer Dre is), but I assume that when the trees are asleep they don't feel the pruning, removing and re-planting like they do in the summer. This means we have a lot of work ahead this winter. We have over 700 new trees being planted before spring, and approximately 300 trees come out and will be turned into shredded or sliced applewood.

See the video below for Farm Update:


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