Did you know we really LOVE Coffee?

Did you know we really LOVE Coffee?

If anyone has met any of us, you would know that we like, well actually LOVE good coffee.

It kinda makes sense since we LOVE our pastries.

The best way to compliment a delicious pastry is to  drink it with a great cup of coffee.

Our bakery just wasn't complete, until now. 

We are proud to finally have our own coffee. We partnered up with Rove Coffee, a local roaster from Nixa, MO.

If you've visited our farm store and bakery in the last few months you've probable seen or even tried our delicious coffee.

We have 5 different flavors from different parts of the world. (Mostly South America)

If you have the chance to come by the farm store you can try a latte, cappuccino or americano.

If your like me, you can pick up some beans and just do your magic at home. I personally like espresso with milk, chocolate milk, ice, ice cream..... you get the point. 

The benefit of working with a local roaster is that we get fresh roasted coffee every couple of weeks.

Anytime you pick up some coffee from Gardener's Orchard we can guarantee that it hasn't sat in a warehouse waiting to be sold.

Freshly roasted coffee makes the best coffee drinks. 

We look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you!



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