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Apple Butter & Farm Update 10-23-2018

Fall is officially here. All the trees are turning colors and the weather has really cooled down. This week I was talking with Farmer Dre about the work in the high tunnel. He has finally pulled out all the tomato plant and is preparing the soil for some winter spinach and kale. So we talked about how he keeps the high tunnel warm and how he controls the temperature. The video below shows the entire conversation.

Gardener's Apple Butter is finally back in stock. We have the regular sugar added one available now, and no-sugar added apple butter coming next week. We make all of it here on the farm. 

Our store will continue to be open year round. We still have apples, apple cider, jams and jellies, and all the baked goods that we make here.

Please see video below for complete farm update:

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  • Okay I just asked if you make AB but I see you do. I must have some!!!! Lol. I’ll be seeing you this spring!!!! We just move here and I’m so excited!!!!

    Shannon Durham

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